A trip to Regional Science Centre, Bhopal

Date of Upload: 22nd July, 2017

Grade 2


The Regional Science Centre , Bhopal{RSCB} located at Shyamala Hills, Bhopal, aims at popularizing science and technology among people particularly students.

Under an enriched curriculum that goes beyond the printed books and the confines of the class room, the children of Grade 2 got to experience and gather the basic principles and wonders of science and technology. Under the concept of Earth and Beyond, having studied about artificial satellites and their solar panels and the SLV rocket the students felt drawn towards the models displayed in the centre. A bonus of the visit was an exhibition devoted to The Future of Food: Pulses.

The science centers under National Council of Science Museums aim to combine the two words 'Science' and 'Fun' and have justified the slogan 'Science is Fun'.

It turned to be an informative and memorable trip.